We are pleased to announce the sixth UK MM-NET workshop, a day for talks on:


09:30 Tea/Coffee/Biscuits available for early arrivals.
10:15 Welcome and arrangements
10:30 Tim Harris
Microsoft Research
Transactional memory and garbage collection
10:55 Hongseok Yang
Beyond Reachability: Shape Abstraction in the Presence of Pointer Arithmetic
[abstract] [slides]
11:20 Jeremy Singer
U. Manchester
Garbage Collection, Program Comprehension and Machine Learning: a recipe for success!
11:45 Andy Cheadle
Visualising Dynamic Memory Allocators
12:10 Lunch
14:00 Simon Marlow
Microsoft Research
A block-structured heap simplifies parallel GC
14:25 Ian Rogers
U. Manchester
The Jikes RVM and Java Operating Systems
[abstract] [slides]

Elisa Gonzalez Boix

Semi-Automatic Garbage Collection for Mobile Networks
15:15 Chris Ryder
U. Kent
LACE: Lifetime-Aware Collection
15:40 Break
16:10 Sebastien Marion
U. Kent
Micro-patterns for GC
16:35 Sofiane Naci
U. Cambridge
Improving Inter-Nest Data Locality Using Loop Transformations
17:00 Mark Adcock
U. Cambridge
Cache Optimisation of Dynamic Recursive Data Structures
17:25 Wrap up  


Twenty four researchers attended the workshop. I'd like to thank Ravenbrook for hosting the workshop.


The workshop will be held at the University Centre, in the heart of Cambridge, UK (map), on Friday the 10th of November, 2006. The day will run from 10am to 5pm.

Cambridge has an award-winning Park&Ride service, and good public transport connections.

Here is some advice on travel and accommodation if you plan staying overnight.


This workshop is the latest in a series run as part of the UK Memory Management Network (MM-NET).

MM-NET is a network of researchers, interested in memory management for programming languages. The project's mission is to strengthen collaboration between UK industry and academia to further research and development of advanced memory management systems. MM-NET's previous workshops have been highly successful in this respect, bringing together researchers with interests ranging from logics for reasoning about memory use to developers of embedded systems.

Richard Jones
Richard Kistruck
Workshop co-chairs

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